Home visits for health check-ups are quite common in today’s world. It is generally regarded as the backbone of community health services. But have you ever considered home services for blood collection? 

It is possible to have home services for blood collection. It is much safer and convenient on part of the patients, especially amidst a pandemic. Statistics say that there is an increase in the number of patients who want their blood to be collected from their homes instead of standing in the queue outside a lab. Similarly, there is a downfall in the percentage of blood test volumes. The test volumes started dropping in March’20 with a rise of Covid-19 cases. 

Owing to the global pandemic, health institutions all over the world has adopted newer practices to enable the patients access several healthcare facilities from their homes. Home visits for blood collection is one of those. This is result of sudden rise in telehealth facilities, alongside surge of telemedicine. This is the new normal and people are settling in for home visits for health check-ups and testing & blood collection. With each passing day amidst the Covid 19 pandemic, the health sectors seem to be functioning under severe stress. Hence, coming up with convenient and reliable strategies to serve the patients at home is the need of the hour. 

Reasons why we should go for home visits?

Pathological lab testing procedures can be really hectic and distressing. It is time consuming and not accessible to remote areas. People should definitely opt for home visits over lab visits for blood collection, owing to the following reasons: –

Accessible: Home visits are meant to be accessible even to the people residing outside the main city. There are lack of hospitals and proper pathological labs in remote areas. This is where home visits come in handy. With telehealth sector improvising its way of communication between doctors and patients every day, blood tests can be conducted on home-collected samples easily.

Comfortable: Patients feel comfortable in getting services from reliable experts. The inefficiency of self-sampling is completely rooted out. Moreover, home visits are flexible. You can book an appointment or visit according to your schedule.

Convenient: It is much more convenient to have your blood collected rather than travelling long distances. The blood test reports are also delivered at the doorstep.

Safe: The blood sample has to be collected with utmost care. In labs, there are possibility of samples getting misplaced or mixed with one another. When the sample is collected from the patient’s house, it is securely carried to the laboratory.

Viable: The viability of the healthcare centres is often questioned, for lack of staffs or delay in drawing blood from the patient’s system. In such cases, home visits are a safer option. It saves time and energy.

Some reasons why you must prefer home visit for blood collection over lab visit at present: –

  • Evidences suggest that Covid-19 virus spread between people who come in close contact with each other. Under such circumstance, leaving house for the sake of taking a blood test can be risky. 
  • In hospitals and laboratories, there is a higher chance of getting affected. It is not just one person going for a test but hundreds of people in a day. There is no assurance if the person standing beside you is affected by the virus. 
  • The section of the population that is more vulnerable to the deadly virus consists of children, elderly and pregnant or lactating mothers. They need to go through medical check-ups and tests from time to time. Hence, assuring that they get the best facilities at home, home visits for blood collection is a safer choice. 
  • With multiple waves of the 2020 pandemic, hospitals are getting clumsier to accommodate the affected patients. In such case, it is not recommended that you come within the proximity of hospitals and nursing homes, treating Covid patients.
  • Not every hospital strictly adheres to the Covid-19 protocols. Many Government hospitals are reported to be poorly sanitized. 
  • Also, there is a possibility that some hospitals might use the same syringe to draw blood out of the systems of two or more people. This is not only dangerous during a pandemic but also at normal times as it causes spread of deadly viruses such as HIV.

How easy it is to book a home visit for blood collection from Body Test?

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